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K-12 Piano Lessons

Adult Piano Lessons

Advanced Piano Lessons

K-12 Piano Lessons
K-12 Piano Lessons

At Stacy Bryce Piano Studio, lessons are fun and stress free.  Piano lessons will be the highlight of your child's week.  I have had kids say things like: "why can't I come to piano lessons every day?"

Do you want your child to take piano lessons, but you are worried that your child will quit before they can really play?

Maybe you had a bad experience in piano lessons as a kid, and you don't want your child to have the same negative experience that you had. 

Or maybe your child already has several activities during the week and you do not want them to be under too much stress or pressure.


At Stacy Bryce Piano Studio:

Kids master 3-5 songs every single week, and the entire process feels like a game.


After 6 months of lessons or less, kids are able to play an entire book of songs! This is a huge confidence boost for kids!

Within the first year of lessons, kids begin writing their own songs regularly. Kids love this creative experience!

Kids learn college level skills like transposition and harmonization within the first years of lessons. This is what makes kids sound really good when they play the piano!

"We LOVE Stacy.  She is passionate about teaching and she is just so good at what she does."- Lina L.
Adult Piano Lessons
"Stacy is very affirming and supportive.  She will let you work at your own pace, and focus on the goals you want to achieveI really enjoy our sessions each week I have come further than I expected in the year I've been taking lessons."
-Stephanie C.

Have you always wanted to learn an instrument, but you never had a chance because your schedule is so busy? 

Did you take lessons as a kid but never really learned how to play well?

At Stacy Bryce Piano Studio, you will be able to play the piano like you have  always wanted to, maybe in a way that you never thought you could!

The relaxed learning environment will help you to feel comfortable during lessons.


You will be able to learn at your own pace. Students grow confident in their songs before moving forward. 

You will learn new songs every week, starting with the first week of lessons. Songs are tailored for adults!

Take a break from your busy schedule for one hour every week and develop a skill that will bring fulfillment to your life.

Adult Piano Lessons
"Lessons are always fun and I'm learning something new every time." -Natalie O.

Do you have a son or a daughter who is a high-level pianist?  Are you looking for more opportunities for them to play in festivals or even competitions?

Are you finding it difficult to find a teacher who can take your child to the next level?

Stacy Bryce Piano studio offers opportunities for advanced students to participate in prestigious piano events such as the Weber State Piano Festival.  Students may even prepare for college auditions.


Students learn advanced techniques such as phrase shaping and voicing.  Students develop rapid scales and arpeggios.  They also learn how to play stylistically accurate.  

Most of all, students deepen their connection to music and learn to express themselves even more fully through music.

Advanced Piano Lessons
Advanced Piano Lessons
"My son has improved more than I ever expected or imagined" -Janet G
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